Melinda Regéczy-Béres in the Parlament

26 october 2013


At the request of Dr Ildikó Pelczné Gáll, MEP, Chair of the Ladies’ Group of the Hungarian FIDESZ party, Melinda Regéczy-Béres, managing director of the Béres Estate and Winery, gave a presentation at an international symposium titled “Women and business in Hungary” in the upper chamber of the Hungarian Parliament.

Apart from Melinda, Anikó Szabó, Chair of the Romanian UDMR party and Tünde Hrivnák, fashion designer also addressed the participants of the meeting.

The objective of the symposium was to introduce women working in top management of successful Hungarian businesses. Melinda introduced the history of the Béres Group in her presentation with a special emphasis on the position of female employees within the company.

The event was opened by Doris Pack MEP, Chair of the Ladies’ Group of the European People’s Party.

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