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You may be surprised to see a new face to the name Béres, which became a household name in Hungary with the Béres Drops. But is it really that surprising?


We are convinced that both the Tokaj wine and Béres Drops have at least one feature in common: they are both genuine Hungaricums. It is a respectful, noble and responsible endeavour to build and develop the values, prestige and reputation of a Hungaricum. This is what we attempted when buying an estate in the picturesque village of Erdőbénye in the unique Tokaj Wine Region where we set out to develop a winery.


Since the very beginning we have aimed to create great wines that match the high prestige of the Tokaj- Wine Region in the historical plots of our Estate by employing a modern approach and state-of-the-art technology. Today we are proud to announce that we have accomplished this great objective: as a result of the excellent terroir, the microclimate, limit yielding and professional as well as gentle processing, we made our debut in 2003 with beautiful and promising wines, which were followed by further trophies in Hungary and abroad alike. Our slogan “Every single drop is Béres” aims to convey that our winery follows the proven Béres values: quality, reliability and perseverance.


The Béres Estate is a youthful, dynamic winery, adding great colour to Tokaj. However, it was not only us but also the village of Erdőbénye which contributed to the impetus of recent years: it is packed with convivial festivals par excellence, including the Mountainbike Challenge for the lovers of mountain biking or the traditional “Bor, mámor,…Bénye – gastro and cultural festival in the gardens of Erdőbénye. Enjoy the programmes and the wines!


The Béres family

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