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Béres Tokaji Must 2021

Béres Must is the freshly squeezed sweet juice of grape berries. It is a natural,alcohol free,refreshing drink with all the flavour of the grape.

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Béres Tokaji Cuvée késői szüret 2015

A blend of Hárslevelű, Furmint and Muscat Lunel with a golden hue. A wine that rewards patience gradually revealing rich layers of honeyed, apricoty, spicy and gently smoky aromas. Generous and lush on the palate with fine acidity and well-proportioned body. The aromas of the nose are carried on to the palate showing notes of botrytis with hints of orange and tangerine. The persistent finish offers notes of black tea and roasted nuts.

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Béres Tokaji Jóbarát Cuvée félszáraz 2018

This young and fresh reductive balanced and beautifully rounded with the fruitiness of Hárslevelű, the lovely acidis of Furmint and a touch of residual sugar.

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Béres Tokaji Furmint semi - sweet 2018

Fresh and fruity semi-sweet reductive wine with notes of sultanas,pineapple and melone,combined with lively acids. Best enjoyed alone or with lighter desserts.

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Béres Tokaji Omlás Furmint 2009

A mineral wine of great balance from the Omlás vineyard of rhyolite clay terroir. Its fragrance combines almond with the smoke and vanilla as the result of ageing in new wooden casks. Its youthful, dynamic acidity and rich aromas render a lasting and marked taste.

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Béres Tokaji Holdezüst habzóbor 2019

White brut wine with carbon - dioxide addition without desingnation of origin.

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Béres Tokaji Szamorodni 2017

Bright lemon yellow. Subtle nose with stone fruits, nutmeg, cinnamon and beeswax. An invigorating palate showing notes of citrus. The sweetness is backed up by firm acidity. The lingering finish offers grapefruits and almond paste. A good match for sweet and sour Asian dishes.

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Béres Tokaji Birtokfurmint 2019

Well-structured, fresh and fruity wine. Cedar and lemon character in the nose and peach flavour. Shining clear yellow colour. The playful, lively acids give this wine freshness.

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Béres Tokaji Magita Cuvée 2016

A wine of golden hue with lush texture and enticing aromas of stone fruits, honey and Christmas spice. Made using the classical varieties of Tokaj this is a complex and exciting late harvest blend.

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Béres Tokaji Naparany Cuvée 2016

A blend of Furmint and Hárslevelű with a deeper hue of lemon yellow. An intense and up-front presence right from the beginning showing complex notes of peaches, toasted oak and honey. In a similar vein the palate is redolent of Christmas spices and yellow stone fruits. Juicy acidity provides a firm backbone to carry the substantial body and alcohol. The expressive aromatics are made even more distinctive by the initial signs of bottle age. A multifaceted wine that promises more to come.

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