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Béres Tokaji Furmint félédes 2015

Fresh and fruity semi-sweet reductive wine with notes of sultanas,pineapple and melone,combined with lively acids. Best enjoyed alone or with lighter desserts.

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Béres Tokaji Furmint 2016

Well-structured, fresh and fruity wine. Cedar and lemin character in the nose and peach flavour. Shining clear yellow colour. The playful, lively acids give this wine freshness.

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Béres Tokaji Omlás Furmint 2009

A mineral wine of great balance from the Omlás vineyard of rhyolite clay terroir. Its fragrance combines almond with the smoke and vanilla as the result of ageing in new wooden casks. Its youthful, dynamic acidity and rich aromas render a lasting and marked taste.

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Béres Tokaji Lőcse Furmint 2015

Bright lemon yellow.The nose offers mainly stone fruits but shows the toasty aromas of oak aging as well.This substantial and complex wine reveals notes of granny apples and peaches complemented by vanilla and Christmas spices.A distinct minerality and mouth-watering acidity combine to make this single vineyard Furmint really special.A big and bold wine approaching full maturity.Lingering finish.

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Béres Tokaji Lőcse Furmint Selection 2015

Fermented and aged in oak barrels, this single-vineyard wine is from the historic Lőcse vineyard. Full-bodied elegant Furmint with almond notes, robust acids and minerality. Our estate's top dry wine.

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